Why EQ?

LifeCoach.com cites the national average for professional coaching at $1000 a month and that is for a simple standard coaching package. With EQ.coaching you’ll receive over a dozen ADDITIONAL benefits for only a fraction of the cost. Contact Coach Lance today for a no charge 1-on-1 in-person consultation today!

The EQ.coaching Difference Standard coaching  EQ.coaching
Initial Intake and Strategy Session
1-on-1 Coaching Calls
Email Support
Proprietary Coaching System & Experience
Long Term Goal Setting
Text Support Rarely Included
Face to Face 1-on-1 Rarely Included
Private Client Website Access Rarely Included
Health and Professional Coaching
Morning Ritual Training
Monthly Mastermind Meeting
Monthly Guest Motivational Speaker Series “The Happy Hour”
The EQ. System Playbook
The EQ. System Winners Journal
The EQ. Equation for Success
Motivational Reading Program
Dr. Lance’s Book “Be the Hammer, not the Nail”
Dr. Lance’s Book “Thank God for Layovers”
Dr. Lance’s Book “Habits and Attitudes”  
www.My5.life EQ.’s Private Goal Crushing Website
The Kickoff Motivational Seminar (January)
The Blitz Motivational Seminar (June)
Subscription to Experience Life Magazine
Subscription to The Word for You Today
Weekly Chiropractic Care
Fitness Consulting
Vitamin Analysis
Body Fat Testing
Nutritional Counseling
Stretching Program
Local Merchant Discounts: the EQ. “Power Partners”

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Be the Hammer
Not the Nail