My wife Carri and I decided to join the program last year. I would consider us both pretty high performing individuals. We’ve both been in professional sales for the majority of our careers. Carri in Medical sales and myself in Pharmaceutical and device sales. What inspired us to join EQ has a lot to do with Dr. Casazza, his energy and his passion (sometimes too much-ha!) He encourages discipline and doing the small things. Not doing too much and becoming overwhelmed, but doing small things such as a daily ritual consisting of three things. Then as it becomes more ingrained and habitual, you then can add more. When you get things done you have more success.

Personally, I’m at a point in my life where I’ve become “comfortable.” I’m not growing professionally and finding a new passion/career has become my main focus. Although it’s challenging to try and reinvent oneself, I feel if I weren’t in the program my “should” will never become a “must.” At this point in my life the program means a lot. It helps allow me to remain focused. I have these nagging, guilty thoughts because I feel I’m not doing more to make things happen, or maybe it’s the negativity of not reaching my goals I’ve envisioned and it weighs on me every day. Meeting with the group, and speaking with Dr. Lance during our one-on-one’s has enabled me and been a huge help. The group is focused on wins, not losses. The most successful people on the planet have failed more than anyone, and that propensity to take risks, and pick themselves up after setbacks, is exactly why they’re successful!

The program has helped me and I know it will help eventually get me to where I NEED to be!

Kevin and Carri Kern

I walked into Casazza Chiropractic Inc., in October of 2015. I was suffering from back pain for the past two years. I was impressed with my initial consultation with Dr. Casazza. After two months of receiving chiropractic care, I realized something was very different about this man. I started asking lots of questions during each visit trying to understand why he was always in a great mood. Two and half months into my chiropractic care, Dr. Cassazza gifted me a 21-day detox system, he sensed that I was coachable and could benefit from the EQ. coaching System. I released 15 lbs and to date, my journey has begun with more focus towards my health, personal and professional goals. The EQ. coaching System works!

Tonia Burgess

EQ Coaching has provided for me a focused road map to achieve personal satisfaction in the physical, emotional, and spiritual areas of my life that are important to me. What I have realized that in setting goals and being committed to them provides me with personal satisfaction, appreciation, and a desire to continue to “Just do It!” It makes me engaged in my life plan. I have discovered that even though, at times, I may not be 100% successful in achieving a goal, I recommit and build on what I have achieved. What I like the most about personal coaching is writing my goals on a piece of paper, owing them, and recognizing that keeping my word and commitment are important values to me and reflect on who I am as a person. Everyone should consider coaching because it does provide one with a life focus and it great to discover that being supported by someone is in invaluable tool in discovering the fantastic person we are.

“Life is not a dress rehearsal” so we must learn to enjoy it to the max. Personal coaching, for me, is another life tool I have to augment that joy of living life.

Richard Hernandez

Coaching has helped me to sharpen my focus and fine tune my life plan. I like having a specific, individualized plan of attack so I can conquer any obstacle put in my way. Everyone could use coaching to help them reach their full potential and to live their best life. It is nice to have a coach to keep you accountable and to offer tools and suggestions to assist you on your journey. Since I started this process, even on my worst day, I have been able to see that having a positive mind leads to a happy heart. I'm living each day like it's a "great day to be great".

Kristen McQuary

The EQ.Coaching program has helped me to focus on what I need to do to achieve my goals of getting healthy (mentally and physically) and starting a business. This program has provided me with a coach AND a supportive group of people for me to talk with, bounce ideas off of, and learn from. I don’t have to make all of the mistakes because I can learn from others in this program who have already done what I am trying to do. This program is NOT easy, but it IS satisfying. Setting my goals down on paper and reviewing them daily helps to keep them at the forefront of my mind. Be the Hammer, Not the Nail helped to change my perspective on life and the monthly coaching sessions and mastermind meetings help to maintain that new perspective. The weekly chiropractic sessions not only help me to achieve and maintain health, but they also let me connect with Coach Lance on a regular basis so I stay on track. If you have goals that you want to achieve, but are not sure how to get there, coaching and mastermind groups are a great way to find the support and well of knowledge that you need to water your own seeds of greatness.

Catherine Ford

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