Inside the mindset of success: Examining the habits, attitudes, and behaviors of successful people


Examining the habits, attitudes, and behaviors of successful people.

Have you ever looked at a particularly successful, accomplished, or wealthy person and think, “What makes them tick?” You may started comparing yourself to them next, wondering why exactly they’re that way and you are not. While those comparisons can be misleading and self-defeating, it is helpful to zoom out and examine the personalities, characteristics, and actions of successful people. By doing so, we’ll find a pattern of habits, attitudes, and behaviors that reveal more about success than the person themselves.

Remember, too, that “success” can be defined as anything you like. For you, maybe it’s being finally comfortable but having good health, time to spend with loved ones, the ability to pursue your passion, or just living a meaningful, happy life.

No matter what it is, a look at this list will help you adapt your own behaviors and mindset to achieve greater heights.

  1. They look for solutions.

The desired outcome or goal is always in mind to keep them focused and guide them as they work.  Instead of getting hung up on the minutiae of the process, they’re constantly focused on the target.

  1. They are self-aware.

People who accomplish great things in life are confident but not cocky, have a good assessment of their own strengths and weaknesses, and have a high self-worth while still remaining humble.

  1. They’re curios and eager to learn.

Learning and being inquisitive is a lifelong journey for successful people, and they invest in themselves by reading, going to training workshops, and seeking out mentors. Studies show that 86% of wealthy believe in lifelong educational self-improvement vs. only 5% of poor people.

  1. They have specific training, knowledge, skills, and talents.

Instead of just being generalists, high achievers invest in the education or training to become the best at one single thing.

  1. They read.

While reading is far less popular in our video/attention deficit modern world, ultra achievers still read copiously. Studies show that 88% of wealthy read 30 minutes or more every day (for education or career reasons – not romance novels!) while only 2% of poor people do the same. Furthermore, 63% of wealthy parents make their children read two or more books a month compared to only 3% of poor parents.

  1. They are organized and focused.

81% of wealthy and successful people build and manage a daily To Do list compared to only 19% of poor. Just like writing down your goals has been found to be extremely powerful, keeping on task and organized with a To Do list is as well.

  1. They use their time wisely.

Successful people use their downtime to invest in education and personal growth. For instance, 63% of wealthy listen to audio books or podcasts during their commute to work compared to only 5% of poor people.

  1. They certainly don’t waste it.

Since time is their greatest asset, successful people don’t spend theirs on frivolous pursuits (like playing on Facebook, video games, chatting with friends, etc.) In fact 67% of wealthy people watch one hour or less of TV every day, while 23% of poor people do, and only 6% of wealthy watch reality TV shows vs. 78% of poor.

  1. They set goals and plan.

Just like any achievements in life, setting tangible goals with concrete timetables and planning the action steps to achieve them is crucial to success.  People who are wealthy never get that way by accident – there’s always a history of goal setting and careful planning, along with consistent reevaluation of their plan based on changing circumstances. One statistic to prove that is that 67% of wealthy people write down their goals while only 17% of poor people do.

  1. They have a positive relationship with time.

We all have the same amount of time, but one of the keys to becoming successful and wealthy is how you spend that time effectively. Successful people use time to their advantage instead of squandering it or letting it pass them by. They schedule, plan, and prioritize their way to a “routine of ascension.”

  1. They take risks and are willing to fail.

Failure is not the enemy of successful people – it’s a necessary ally.  In fact, if they don’t go through enough failure in their lives they understand they’re not taking enough risks.

  1. They believe luck is created.

Successful people don’t wait around for luck to bless them – they go out and create their own opportunities with hard work, smart planning, and persistence. In fact, 84% of wealthy believe good habits create opportunity instead of luck, while only 4% of poor believe the same. Furthermore, 76% of wealthy attribute bad habits to bad “luck” vs. 9% of poor.

  1. They take responsibility.

People who go far in life understand that by assuming accountability for their actions they empower themselves.  They never try to pass the buck or dodge blame – they’re happy to take responsibility, fix the problem, and move on.

  1. Their thinking is flexible.

Successful people have firm values but flexible thinking, adjusting their sails depending on how they wind blows.  They make constant changes to adjust to their ever-changing environment.

  1. They create instead of consume.

This is fascinating – instead of just amassing and worshipping material things, successful people always have the impetus to create something themselves, whether it’s a new business, building a house, or forming a non-profit.  Creation is one of the processes held in highest esteem by high achievers.

  1. They live in the present moment.

They key to success- and happiness – is to always be fully present and immersed in the moment.

  1. They’re optimistic.

They’re perpetually optimistic, enthusiastic, and never give up their positive attitudes.

  1. They are community leaders.

Successful people get involved to try to help society as a whole, not just themselves. They serve on Boards, advise, mentor, attend community meetings and planning sessions, vote, and even run for politics themselves as a way to serve. For chiropractors, this means a commitment to education, raising awareness about the benefits of natural chiropractic care, and helping to heal all people – not just patients.

  1. They give.

People who achieve great things in life are huge givers, donating their time, energy, money and resources to charities and good causes, both in their local communities and our world. From Bill Gates to Warren Buffet to the Oprah, just about every notable accomplished person donates significant sums to causes they believe in. In fact, 70% of wealthy p

  1. They stop and smell the roses.

No matter how busy they are, successful people schedule time off to spend time with their families, see friends, exercise, unwind, and have fun.


Look for part two with 20 more habits, attitudes, and behaviors of successful people coming soon!

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