Our Coaches

Dr. Lance A. Casazza, DC
Professional Health and Business Coach

Coach Lance Casazza

In 2001 Lance Casazza graduated valedictorian of his class and president of his college. After securing a loan from his parents, he opened his practice in June of 2002 and four years later he was trying to find a way to tell them he couldn’t pay them back. Confused, lost and desperate, he turned to coaching and turned his life around. It was during this journey of self-development that he pledged to share the knowledge he attained with as many people as possible. He now runs one of the most successful chiropractic practices in the country, has written multiple books including the self-help book Be the Hammer Not the Nail and serves individuals through personal development as the President of EQ. coaching. While he relishes the opportunity to teach what he’s learned, he’s humbled by the understanding that the road to success is always under construction.

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Dustin Stumpf
Nutrition Counselor

Coach Dustin Stumpf

With over 10 years of experience in the Training field, Dustin knows the importance of nutrition and how it pertains to achieving a well-rounded lifestyle. With a B.S. in Exercise Science from Sacramento State and countless hours working with individuals in the health and fitness industry, Dustin’s philosophy on transforming the body starts with nutrition and what we put into our body. He believes exercising should come second on the importance list when it comes to starting a healthier lifestyle. If we can’t control what we put into our body, how can we expect to perform our daily functions optimally? With the help of his Nutritional Counseling expertise, Dustin has helped developed a plan for each of his clients to achieve their goals. Our strategy for lifestyle changes comes from slow and steady progress over time in a doable manner. We have created the perfect plan for a more successful you!

Vanessa Martel
Assistant Coach

Assistant Coach Vanessa Martel

Like you, Vanessa Martel has been through many trails and tribulation that tested her ways of thinking. She is a true believer on life is what you make it and it all comes down to the power of your thoughts. What you think about comes about. We all have a story, how are you using your story? Are you the victim or the victor? Are you going through life or are you growing through life? And are you living the best you?
Vanessa knows the true value of coaching because she receives it both personally and professionally and knows the impact it has on one’s life. It’s her goal as an assistant coach to help inspire, and empower clients. She hopes to help clients reach and achieve their goals in all areas of their life.

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