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Exploring the 7 theories of human motivation

Human beings are innately complex, so we need these seven theories to explain what really motivates us. What motivates us? That’s a question that psychologists and scientists have been trying to answer for centuries, as we try to predict what cognitive, chemical, and circumstantial influences shape our daily behaviors. In this blog, we'll cover the…
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15 Communication hacks that will instantly get people to like you

Do you sometimes wish that people would instantly like you, flock to you, and even be attracted to you? Of course you do, as it's only human nature that we want to be liked. Instant and powerful likability also happens to serve valuable functions, whether in the workplace, in relationships with friends and loved ones,…
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20 Facts About Self Help and the Self Improvement Industry

September is National Self Improvement Month, a time to reflect upon your life, set new goals and take strides to make personal changes in order to achieve the life you truly wish. Observed every ninth month of the year, it gives us the chance to not only support and encourage your personal growth, but also…
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