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Understanding Neuroplasticity, the brain’s process for change.

You may not have heard of “neuroplasticity,” but it’s a fascinating brain process that takes place within each of us, every single day. In fact, neuroplasticity is the complex system that allows your brain to learn, grow, and facilitate real change in your life. We all want positive changes in our lives, like exercising more,…
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The 30 commandments for change.

Are you looking to make changes in your life? I don’t mean simply getting a raise at work, meeting someone new to date, or losing a few pounds, but true and meaningful transformations that lead to genuine happiness? They say that the purpose of life IS to find our life’s purpose, and then share it.…
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The 29 things that are scientifically proven to make us unhappy. (Part 2)

Want to feel happy? Of course, we all want that. But first, you have to stop doing things that are detrimental to your mood, enjoyment, and appreciation of life, studies show. The relatively new field of positive psychology offers answers into the big-picture question about what makes us feel happier. But that research also has…
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The 29 things that are scientifically proven to make us unhappy.

There are millions of articles, blogs, YouTube videos, and memes that instruct us how to be happier. However, for the seeker of fulfillment, there are far fewer guides that teach us about what pitfalls and traps to avoid along the way. In fact, positive psychology – the new science of happiness – offers some very…
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