100 Ways to find inspiration today!

We all can feel bored, frustrated, or down in the dumps sometimes, but there's a lot you can do to turn it around and get inspired again. Here are 100 things you can do TODAY to help you feel inspired, motivated, and positive once again!

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1          Spend time with family.

2          Look through old photos.

3          Jump in the car and take a day trip.

4          Volunteer for your favorite charity.

5          Do yoga, whether at home or at your local yoga studio.

6          Take a hike.

7          Go to church, temple, etc.

8          Get outdoors and enjoy nature.

9          Take your dog to the dog park or spend time with your pets.

10       Take out your camera and take a few photos of your friends, family, home, and neighborhood.

11       Invite a good friend over for dinner.

12       Call up a friend or relative you haven’t spoken to for some time and chat for a while.

13       Write a letter to a loved one.

14       Write a letter of gratitude – listing 20 things you are thankful for.

15       Practice meditation or deep breathing ever day.

16       Declare tonight movie night and snuggle up on the couch with popcorn while watching your favorite films.

17       Watch old comedies for a great laugh.

18       Put on the headphones or crank up the stereo and listen to your favorite music.

19       Don’t forget to dance! Dancing is one of the best stress relievers!

20       Try your hand at drawing or painting.

21       Dedicate yourself to learning to play an instrument.

22       Get out of your comfort zone and try something that scares you!

23       Brainstorm a list of things you’d love to do or dreams to chase.

24       Write out your goals.

25       Teach someone something that you know and love.

26       Read a great book by your favorite author.

27       Write out a bucket list.

28       Create a vision board.

29       Submit your resume to a few dream jobs that you think are out of reach.

30       Wake up early and watch the sunrise from a great outdoor venue.

31       Go online and leave a few positive review for books, articles, blogs, or movies you’ve enjoyed.

32       Play with your children or nieces and nephews, etc.

33       Go to a museum.

34       Or just go shopping for art or view beautiful and famous works of art online or in a book.

35       Go shopping for used books, records, or fun clothes at a thrift shop.

36       When you go to stores, restaurants, etc. and an employee gives you good service or is friendly call over the manager and give great positive feedback.

37       Compliment someone!

38       Get some sunshine – the vitamin D will help your serotonin levels and always make you feel better.

39       Take a swim.

40       Go visit the ocean and play on the beach.

41       Read biographies about inspiring people or watch documentaries about their lives.

42       Take a long, relaxing bath with a glass of wine and music.

43       Play chess.

44       Light a fire in your fireplace (or just a lot of candles!)

45       Plan a trip.

46       Educate yourself about an issue, challenge, or problem that’s been concerning you. You’ll feel better by having objective knowledge!

47       Smile and laugh for no reason at all!

48       Join a club, group, or community.

49       Sign up to be a Big Brother or Big Sister.

50       Volunteer to help out at the Special Olympics.

51       Get together with or call an old friend and reminisce over fun times.

52       Go through your closest and donate clothes to charity.

53       Do the same with your kitchen.

54       Cook food and bring it to some homeless people.

55       Spend time with an elderly person who appreciates the company.

56       Organize or participate in a community cleanup day.

57       Call up or visit someone who is going through a hard time.

58       Turn OFF your social media and TV for a day!

59       Play sports with friends or join a recreational sports league.

60       Hit the gym!

61       Plant a tree, flowers, or a vegetable garden.

62       Buy flowers for a stranger.

63       Give a stranger a compliment.

64       Pay for someone else’s meal anonymously.

65       Repaint a room in your home or do a quick one-day redesign.

66       Take a class at your local learning annex or adult ed center.

67       Try cooking a new fun recipe.

68       Start a journal you write in every day.

69       Forgive someone from your past – write a letter to them but don’t send it.

70       Get on YouTube and search for inspirational or motivational videos – there are literally millions!

71       Look on Twitter for #motivation #inspiration or #positivity

72       Repost, retweet, and share positive videos or news

73       Read inspiring, positive blogs.

74       Write or shoot one of your own and share it!

75       Join online forums or communities of people with similar interests or desires.

76       Read and share inspirational quotes.

77       Listen/view inspirational Ted Talks atTed.org

78       Get rapid-fire historical inspiration with 40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes.

79       Get fantastic quotes, blogs, and graphics at Tiny Buddha

80       The GoodNewsNetwork.org always delivers positive news,

81       As does DailyGood.org,

82       Huffington Post Good News,

83       HappyNews.com,

84       and Today Good News.

85       Get a chiropractic adjustment, which realigns your body and allows your system to function optimally, healing faster, reducing stress and sleeping better.

86       Take a nap, as even a short 10-20 afternoon snooze will help you feel refreshed and your mind get a break.

87       Lay on the floor with your legs up on the wall. This position gives your heart a much-needed break and is good to do every day.

88       Need some energy? Do a quick set of push-ups, sit-ups, and squats right at home or your office.

89       You can also do the same thing with stretching,

90       Or just moving your arms and legs vigorously and shaking your body around to get the blood flowing.

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